The Play Team

The Play Team is a workshop for adults on creative play. We use our imagination to make something out of nothing, and also design some helpful toys to assist our day to day life.

Three sessions were held in September 2010 as part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed Festival

Kids get imaginative every day. They dress up and become astronauts, paint as if they are Van gogh, and constantly make up their own inventions – so why do they get to have all the fun? Isn’t it time we adults got in on this business?

Unfortunately, ‘growing up’ often means losing the freedom to play; we get into a routine and repeat the usual thought patterns and rituals (sleep, eat, work). So why not infuse day to day drudgery, either at home or work, with a third thing – play. Come and make a ‘toy’ – a playful object which brings a bright spark into your day. It might be a mischievous tool that fools your colleagues, or an imaginative reminder of loved ones; you might decide to make something for a friend or relative, or something to cheer up your own day.

Remember building a box cubby to keep the dragons out? How many ways can you make a giraffe? Remember everything a cardboard tube can be? This fun workshop will reignite your imagination, helping to spark creative solutions to everyday problems.