The Children’s Party

A legitimate political party where kids form its policies. With Alex Walker and House of Muchness

The Children’s Party is hitting the campaign trail during the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival, as Australia’s first child-led political party. Everything from policy ideas and key messages through to banners and slogans will be dreamed-up and double-spoken by a team of young people aged 8 to 12. Supported by a set of advisers, speech writers and industry experts, these pint-sized politicos are bringing their message to the people at the inaugural Children’s Party Convention. Part participatory art project, part social provocation, part the juiciest episode of Q&A you have ever seen – The Children’s Party flips the adult–child hierarchy on its head.

Vote above the line, below the line or outside the lines – but whatever you do, buckle up, because The Children’s Party aren’t fooling around.

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Work in progress video:


Lead Artists:
Ben Landau & Alex Walker
Members of The Children’s Party:
House of Muchness
Sarah Walker