Terre a Terre

Terre à terre is a project to dig up local clay, process it and return it to the landowners as tableware.


Terre à terre is a project which began in February 2014. Ben and Lucile travelled to Nagambie, Victoria, to dig up some clay from Matt and Lentils zero waste farm. There, after inspecting different areas of the farm they returned home with 2 types of clay. Back in Melbourne, they processed the clays by sifting and soaking, to make slip. Their empirical research, to determine the best density and composition of the clay, finally resulted in a successful recipe for workable slip.

Parallel to the material research, they began a dialogue with Matt and Lentil to research which objects would they need and would be relevant to produce out of their clay. In an interesting twist, they requested that the plates could be completely returned to the earth after use. Ben and Lucile decided on 3 firing stages which would also determine the usability of the objects, and their potential re-use. Together, they agreed to produce bowls, cups, and containers for their wedding, which took place early April 2014. Thus, Ben and Lucile produced tableware for the event, and after the dinner, the ceramics were smashed and added to the compost.


With Lucile Sciallano
and Grown and Gathered

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