Sleeper Cells

What if we slept 14 hours a day instead of 6.5?

Our sleeping hours have reduced from 10 hours a night 100 years ago, to 7 today. Sleeping and subsequent dreaming unlock a connection to the unconscious which has been neglected in our hyper-fast, hyper real world. Sleeper Cells investigates different groups who shun consciousness and prefer to explore the unknown worlds of their mind. Instead of reaching further into space, what if we plumbed deeper into our unconscious? How can one’s processing capacity be utilised to work in our sleep? Whose responsibility is de-growth, and could a small group of dreamers hold the answer?

Sleeper cells was the outcome from a residency at KulturKontakt Austria. It was also presented at Tranzit in Bratislava as part of Revolution without Movement, in 2014

In addition, an interview with Judit Angel was published as part of Rapid Eye Movement Media art festival in Arad, Romania. Available here or on page 244 of the issuu below:




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