In this series of films, I examine banality of the content of vlogging, highlighting the reality gap between broadcasted and received online media.

Vlogs are online video diaries which allow the author to represent themselves as they would like to be seen. This mediation between one’s desired image of themselves and the viewer’s expectation of authenticity leads to a warped ‘struggle for recognition’. (Hegel)

The genre of vlogging presents idiosyncratic imperfections, suburban banality and everyday non-happenings which cement its content in reality. However, this twisted promise of a real and human portrayal undermines our perception of all real experience.

“Radical mediocrity feels like second nature” (Oosterling, 2009) not only because pervasive media is universally accepted, but also because publishing is so accessible and immediate (Youtube’s tagline ‘Broadcast yourself’). One can see this growing comfort in new vloggers, quickly progressing from an awkward first vlog to ego-centric monologues. My main subject – msgoldgirl is a prime example of the many unexceptional vloggers who undergo this change, and for whom vlogging becomes an important part of their (real) life.


These parodies were reported on YouTube and resulted in the deletion of my profile.