Kickstart 2015 Support Material

Hi Next Wave,


This page is for my support material for Kickstart 2015.


The only true “alternative” today is to recognize our participation in this economy and 
confront it in an open, direct and immediate way in all of our institutions, including 
museums and galleries and publications. - Andrea Fraser


I will firstly show supporting imagery for the Art Futures Exchange – the proposed project, and secondly, past work which is indicative of my practice.


Part 1


Here are some simple visualisations of the Gala/Launch event, the Exchange, the Website and methodology for contacting artists.


Throughout I think the aesthetics of the AFX mirror that of a Financial institution, since it needs to appeal to investors, not necessarily artists.


The Exchange is a dismountable showroom in public space, housing contracts for future artworks. It blends into the atmosphere of a retail or financial space, and could alternatively take up space in an art fair or disused bank, in a central part of the city. Curators are invited to curate shows (of future works) based on possible future trends or interesting artists.