ik zoek asiel

ik zoek asiel is a guide to seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

ik zoek asiel was featured in the Adhocracy exhibition, at the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial, 2012

The pdf is available here or from the ikzoekasiel.net website

“The plight of an asylum seekers in a foreign country is intensified by reduced access to credible information. Future immigrants rely on a rumor mill fuelled by family and friends, encountering exaggerated anecdotes and hearsay. This experience lies in stark contrast to the way citizens of the developed world plan their vacations, using up-to-date facts from the Internet, newspapers and travel guides. ik zoek asiel negotiates this patchwork of official statements and first-hand experiences in the form of a collective commons guide to seeking asylum in the Netherlands. The content of the guide, taken from a range of sources, can be updated online, then printed and handed out by activists and immigrants. ik zoek asiel synthesizes the advantages of digital collaboration and access, physical publication, and social networks of distribution.”
Adhocracy Reader – Istanbul Design Biennial.