Ideas City Athens

To show my previous work, I have chosen to show selected actions developed over short periods of time, mostly in groups, with a streak of action and disruption.


Money Back Lunch (with Marie Clerel, Cristina David, Judit Fischer, Gábor Kristóf, Miklós Mécs, Jaro Varga and András Zalavári ;  at Revolution without Movement)

A collaboration to cook a lunch with newly bought equipment, wearing freshly purchased clothes, all of which were returned after the meal.



Berlin Cardboard bus (with with Eugenie de Lariviere, Bora Hong, Matthias Borowski and Lara Stöhlmacher)

On a weekend in February our group examined Bus 100 in Berlin, to try and facilitate some unusual interactions.



The Coburg Quest

The Coburg Quest was a treasure hunt which sent participants to discover hidden places in Coburg (Melbourne). They met locals who were gatekeepers of secrets and participated by uncovering clues and solving riddles. Over three weeks, wits were tested against other teams and clues collected, before the final quiz.

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WYWH house

Home ownership is becoming a distant dream for first time buyers, while developers, creating enticing apartments, re-write the fantasy itself.



Empty Houses (with Jeannette Petrik, Matthias Borowski and Birgit Severin)

Empty Houses explores the potential for abandoned buildings to be re-used as sites for dangerous play for 8-10 year olds.

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Trust Architecture

Trust is becoming a rare commodity in the finance world. This paper examines the design tactics financial institutions are using to regain trust after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

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