Human Powered Machines support material

Hi Artplay!

We’d like to show you our intentions with Human Powered Drawings with:

  1. Various outcomes by our students at RMIT in making quick drawing machines
  2. Online videos of mechanised drawing machines which approximate the scale and type of drawings
  3. Our intended layout at Artplay
  4. References of artists who have used drawing machines


Our students spent 3 hours making their own drawing machines. For the 8-12 and Drop in sessions, we would provide plans/designs for different types of machines.

Here is one machine using a pendulum01

Here are examples of their drawings: 12 14

Here is another machine described by a video:


Robert Howsare-Drawing Apparatus from Robert Howsare on Vimeo.


eske rex: drawing machine from designboom on Vimeo.


GROWLab_ ARTPLAY layout_v3


Brice Marden

Henri Matisse

Matthew Barney