Flow is a workshop proposal for participants to paint with light using lengths of Electroluminescent wire on long exposure photographs.

Imagine thirty children jumping rope with glowing wire, the shapes of the wire blending and weaving. The green light is thrown around the square – it looks like a UFO has just landed. In the background, crowd sourced photos are shown on a Big Screen.

FLOW uses line painting rather than point painting to achieve a rich texture and depth to photograph. Instead of 2D linework, the result of painting with EL wire looks more like a spirit, fire, smoke or underlying force. The aim of the project is for participants to show the unseen, whether this is to illuminate imaginated powers, draw a 3D ribbon around the square, or show themselves floating in a green bubble. FLOW emphasises open play and experimentation.

Its easy to get a powerful effect quickly with portable devices, point and shoot cameras and professional DSLRs. This project relies on the input of onlookers and participants to be the documenters and artists, and effectively crowd-sources the final ‘artwork’. These photos could be put into a flickr set and displayed on a public screen. It also effectively involves the maximum amount of people, and opens up interaction to anyone passing through who has a mobile device or camera.

FLOW uses lengths of Electroluminescent wire, protected in a plastic sheath, as a skipping rope to be used as a line to draw with. It is battery powered and can also be set to blink. A series of these ropes could be made to lent out to participants (ideally with a deposit). They could be adjusted to make alternate shapes and patterns.

FLOW could be run as an open workshop where anyone can take part (as is described above). It could also be designed as a more focussed closed session exploring the capabilities of painting with EL wire. Both allow exploration of material and process, just in different intensities and with varying artistic guidance.

All Photographs in the proposal by Angus Greene



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