Ben worked with Alex Desebrock on a workshop as part of a Participatory Design process for Artplay’s new outside programmable space – Artplay Backyard. Alex and Ben came up with an idea for a workshop centred around the concept of floating, from lying in a hammock looking up at clouds to playing with water, and ducking underneath a see-through table to feel what its like to be underwater. Ben designed and fabricated all props.

All Photos by Sarah Caulfield.


Artplay-SarahCaufield-4380Artplay-SarahCaufield-4162 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4199 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4217 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4236 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4275 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4281 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4300 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4327 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4347 Artplay-SarahCaufield-4374

More info on Artplay Backyard here