AusCo Application Support Material

For a demonstration of 3d Clay printing on current printer, please see this video:

We will model Hairy Beasts off Elaboration, collected by Korea Ceramic Foundation:

Elaboration was an extension of our previous series ‘One of a Kind’

Hairy Beasts will resemble this very hairy piece which is too fragile to be functional:

Which when printed looks like this:

#iwhipmyhairbackandforth Getting excited about tonight’s opening at @sophiegannongallery !

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This is the most recent series called Field Kit #1, which was displayed at Every Second Feels Like a Century at WestSpace:

This series, Teapot Menagerie, shown Design Week 2017 and collected by the NGV (produced with Lucile Sciallano)

This series, The Strip, was part of Scape at the Jam Factory in 2017 (produced with Lucile Sciallano)

This example below was produced for the ANU School of Art presentation, where I hand formed clay, scanned it and reprinted it.   

Collapse series on display at Craft Victoria as part of Electric (produced with Lucile Sciallano)